Hi, I am Tasmiyah and I am based in Karachi, Pakistan. Welcome to my travel blog!

I am a Computer Scientist by profession with 5 years of serious industry experience. But my love for travel is by far the only thing I can commit to. This blog, like many other awesome things we do in life, started as a hobby, but now I do it full-time. It is a recollection of all the trips I have taken with my loved ones, the hotels and resorts I’ve stayed at, the food I’ve indulged in, the markets I’ve shopped at, and the adventures I’ve lived.

I do not expect myself to travel full-time given the fact that it is a challenge for the pocket and the calendar! (Psst. Feel free to fund any of my trips though :P) But slow and steady, I will try to live my dream and you will hear about it through this space 🙂

I try to post three times a week religiously. My aim behind this blog is to publish original content that serves as a sweet escape for my readers from everyday life. Reading about other people’s travel stories has been my favorite way to recharge after a dull day at work. If I can help even a single person through my travel experiences, inspire even a single soul to finally plan that getaway, then I would have lived my purpose!

Hope you enjoy my posts. Bon Voyage!