Review: Serene Air

Yo guys! Just when I thought hamare Pakistan mein tou kuch bhi acha nahi hai, I took this short flight from Karachi to Islamabad via Serene Air and my perspective changed!

I know, we all dread travelling on domestic airlines. One time or the other we have had bad experiences. Point in case: I recently read somewhere that on a flight within Pakistan on a very famous airline (no names please) even the AC was not working. Yes, imagine flying in tube filled with human breath and no ventilation.

So I had my fears but then I flew with Serene Air and I was amazed.

For those who don’t know, Serene Air is a privately owned airline in Pakistan. They started their operations in January, 2017 (I think) and since then they own only three Boeing 737-800 aircrafts.

Our ride

The planes are small but you get just enough leg-space. P.S. I was in the dreaded middle seat and even then I had a comfortable journey. There was no in-flight entertainment, so that was a bummer. But on such a short flight I guess we survived.

The staff from the check-in counter to the aircraft was also nice and helpful. They had basic human etiquettes and appeared pleasant to the customers whereas on some other airlines the staff doesn’t even smile (overworked and underpaid I guess?). Before taking-off they even distributed some candy. Maybe this a frequent practice on all airlines now? I remember when I flew from Kathmandu to Pokhara on Nepal’s local Yeti airline, they also served some candy. Really helps for the ears-going-numb situation at take-off and landing.

The food was delicious. It felt really like ghar ka khana. We were served Fried rice and chicken curry with salad on the flight to ISB and on the way back they served us Zeera Rice and some curry again. Both the times, the food was delicious and upto the mark.

Oh and by the way, both our flights were right on time. SUCH A BLESSING!!

Lastly, the air-hostesses distributed cards for us to write our comments. I left such MashAllah SubhanAllah type comments ’cause I was so impressed that we have a good airline to fly with in Pakistan.

Thank you, Serene Air for this wonderful experience.

Cat says, “Hello!”

Oh, by the way, hamari awam will remain as hamari awam. During our flight, one uncle in the front most seat decided to sit with his legs stretched out till the corners. The flight attendant was almost going to trip over his legs while carrying the hot tea pot. Bachat hogai warna flight me adhay loagon pe chai girti aur aik hungama hojata. Aur unn uncle ke wehm-o-gumaan mein bhi nahi hota ke chai unki wajah se giri hai aur sab flight attendant pe chillatay.

So here is some free advice to everyone flying anywhere: Don’t be a painstaking customer and be nice and considerate towards these people who serve you during flights. It’s not easy for the mind or the body to stay up in the air for long hours so cut them them some slack please and be nice whenever you fly.

How was your experience with Serene Air? Share in the comments below!

Also what has been your most horrible flight experience? Share that also in the comments below! πŸ˜€

This ain’t a sponsored post, all opinions are ma own!

Header Image is just a random picture from Muzaffarabad πŸ˜€

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