Muslim Food Troubles: What to Eat in Nepal?!

Travelling as a Muslim around the world means you can eat strictly Halal food only. Then there are some beghairat people who go on and still eat non-halal food, consume alcohol, and engage in activities that are strictly forbidden in Islam the minute their plane takes off from their home country. Going abroad on a ‘vacation’ doesn’t mean that you forget your values and your limits, but some people take their ticket to Sin City way too literally.

Enough lecture. I take my food very seriously :p So when we went to Nepal, naturally availability of halal food was a concern. Luckily, we found out that 3% of Nepal’s population is Muslim (mostly Kashmiri Muslims), so halal food was available but scarce.

halal food nepal

Below are 8 amazing places in Nepal where you can either find Halal food or Vegetarian food to satisfy those hunger pangs after a rigorous hiking trip!

1) Casa Pagoda Restaurant & Bar, Patan*

Cuisine: Nepali/Asian
Location: Patan (map)

nepali food momos vegetarian dumplings
Veg Momos

2) Hotel Friend’s Home, Kathmandu*

Cuisine: Nepali/Continental
Location: Thamel, Kathmandu (map)

veg fried rice kathmandu hotel friends home
Veg Fried Rice

3) Anatolia Restaurant, Kathmandu

Cuisine: Turkish/Indian
Location: Thamel, Nepal (map)

tikka masala curry with hot naan flatbread anatolia restaurant halal food in kathmandu
Tikka Masala Curry with Hot Naans (Flat Bread)

4) Punjabi Restaurant, Pokhara*

Cuisine: Indian/Asian/Vegetarian
Location: Middlepath Street, Pokhara (map)

traditional thaali vegetarian indian food punjabi restaurant
Traditional Indian/Veg Thaali

5) Hotel Middlepath, Pokhara*

Cuisine: Nepali/Continental
Location: Middlepath Street, Pokhara (map)

Veg Pakoray, Daal Fry and Hot Chapatis hotel middlepath pokhara vegetarian food
Veg Pakoray, Daal Fry and Hot Chapatis

6) Pokhara Halal Food Land

Cuisine: Indian/Asian/Middle Eastern
Location: Lakeside Road, Pokhara (map)

Clockwise: Veg Biryani, Chicken Tikka, Veg Fried Rice

7) Or2k Restaurant, Pokhara*

Cuisine: Mediterranean/Asian/Middle Eastern
Location: Lakeside Road, Pokhara (map)

vegetarian thaali or2k restaurant
Veg Thaali at Or2k Restaurant

8) The Pavilions Himalayas Resort

Cuisine: Nepali/Asian/Continental
Location: Chisapani, Pokhara (map)

Pan Fried Fish with Lemon Butter Sauce and Nepali Thaali
Veg Fried Rice, Pasta, Potato Cutlets


Other interesting places to check out: Fish Tail Lodge, Godfather’s Pizzeria, Zayqaa/Lazeez Halal Restaurant.

+ All images are my own work, unless otherwise credited.

+ Read more about my Nepal travel stories here.

* These restaurants do not have halal meat, but they have vegetarian which is equally awesome.

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